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State-approved resort Stadt Hohnstein

Achieved: The town Hohnstein with all districts gets „state-approved resort“

On February 3, 2015, the Saxon State Ministry for Economics, Labor and Transport awarded the city of Hohnstein with its 11 districts the title “State-approved resort”. It was a long way to get there. Five years ago, the city and all its districts reorganized itself for tourism. Among other things, the 6 valley land was marketed (see adventure map). In April 2014, the application with numerous documents was submitted to the ministry via the district office. On October 15, 2014, a seventeen-member delegation of the Saxon State Advisory Council then visited the city and all of its districts. It’s achieved. The award is reward for the continuous work of André Häntzschel and his team. In addition to the two health resorts Bad Schandau and Rathen as well as the resort town of Sebnitz, the town of Hohnstein is now complementing quality tourism in Saxon Switzerland as a second resort. Mayor Daniel Brade

Why is this title important! An excerpt from the press release from October 2014. Why “state-approved resort”?

The rating is a touristic seal of quality with an effect both internally and externally. It shows our guests who want to visit our region that tourist requirements are met. Regardless of the beauty of the landscape, premises are offered that are required for a pleasant vacation. Internally, the title represents a very great challenge. The Commission certainly knows that there is still a lot to be achieved, but the basics must be in place. I see the greatest challenge in maintaining and renewing the tourist infrastructure. These include hiking trails and paths, but also benches and seating areas. Our strengths consist in the density and quality of the accommodation providers and service providers, in tourism marketing and in the tourism orientation of residents and associations. Almost every club offers events that are an experience for our guests. The fairytale tower Ulbersdorf e. V., the Schwarzbachbahn e.V., the traditional association Hohnsteiner Kasper e.V. or the Freibad Goßdorf e.V. become service providers themselves. The guest association Rathewalde e. V. has declared the well-being of our guests to be the purpose of the association. Tourist tasks are not the main municipal tasks. The predicate could or should play a role in future municipal decisions.Can all districts receive the rating?

That is the big goal. I consider a separate status between the districts to be unfavorable. However, should the Commission disagree, the title could also be awarded separately.
Which tasks have to be fulfilled by then?

The urban area should be spruced up. Signs and boards will be renewed or supplemented. Targeted public relations and advertising should take place.

Which tasks follow?

This is a long-term process. However, this one has a clear message. Hohnstein and its districts would like to have a deeper tourist impression. The guest and their needs are getting more focussed. More attention is paid to tidiness and cleanliness. Local peculiarities and tourist offers should develop further. One thing is certain – where the residents feel at home – there are satisfied guests.