Arrival and parking

To Hohnstein by bus and train

Our holiday resort is located 30 km southeast of Dresden in the administrative district “Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge”. The next largest cities in the vicinity of Hohnstein are Pirna, Neustadt in Sachsen and Sebnitz. You can travel by train to either Pirna or Bad Schandau. Public bus connections to Hohnstein are waiting at the train stations. From Pirna that would be the lines 236/37 with a journey time of 35 minutes and from the direction of Bad Schandau the line 254 with about 20 minutes.

To Hohnstein by car and bike

Most guests by car or bike travel via the A 13 from Berlin or from the west via the A 4 from Frankfurt am Main. Coming from Berlin the A 13 meets the A 4 in Dresden. Now it goes on towards Görlitz. In Burkau you drive to Neustadt in Sachsen. Now there are still 15 km to Hohnstein. Shortly before Hohnstein the first view of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains approaches. If you are coming from Chemnitz via the A 4, turn onto the A 17 in the direction of Prague before Dresden. In Pirna follow the signs to Bastei. You cross the Elbe in Pirna and after Lohmen you reach the Bastei junction. Now drive another 10 minutes to Hohnstein. On this route you will experience a wonderful view of the Lilienstein 3 minutes after the Bastei junction. Another 2 minutes later you will dive into the heart of Saxon Switzerland with the journey to the Polenz Valley.

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