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Why not explore Hohnstein and its surroundings on a themed trail? While out and about in nature, station by station you learn more and more exciting details about the region. Every hike becomes a very special experience.

  Hohnstein educational trails

The educational trail part 1 leads over a length of six kilometers and a hiking time of about three hours through Hohnstein over the Polenztal and back to the city. 36 thematic panels report natural and cultural-historical details. The stations tell about the long history of the town of Hohnstein, its castle and town church. On the section of the Polenz valley you can learn interesting facts about the Elbe Sandstone Mountains with their flora and fauna. But what is the Lusatian thrust and what is the Hockstein, the Wolfsschlucht or the Bear Garden all about? All of these questions will be answered at the end of the hike. The nature trail is an exciting tour and a great family offer for a day in and with nature.

The next round starts with educational trail part 2 . A total of 18 information boards await curious hikers on the five kilometers through the Hohnstein Forest and the surrounding heights. First of all, special rock formations as well as typical forest images and tree species are the topic. Later the national park with its goals in forest conversion and forest maintenance is explained. In the further course the stations report on the history of the Napoleonschanze and the former narrow-gauge railway as well as the tube path. Wonderful views and wonderful natural spaces are guaranteed during the entire hike.

Maps with the permission of the GeoSN

 Hohnsteiner Kasperpfad

Hello, dear children! Are you all there? I am the Kasper and would like to invite you and your parents, grandparents and friends for a little tour through my town. Do you feel like it? At the large parking lot directly above the beautiful playground, you will find a leaflet on the puppet trail. The route is marked with dots on the information sheet. Now you have two tasks. Try to orientate yourself with the map and to find the right way. Surely someone will help you! There are small signs with a number along the way. If you have discovered one, you can write the corresponding number on your leaflet with a pencil. Watch out, there is a lot to see along the way! The city, the church and a large rock with the castle on top. At the end you will receive a small present from me in the museum. Have fun and maybe see you soon in the Hohnstein Puppet Theater! Your Kasper

Geopath Goßdorf

With the geopath, Mario and Petra Ledig have created a little experience. Over a length of around seven kilometers, the circular route can be completed in around three hours. The tour begins at the Goßdorfer Naturbad and leads over the Gickelsberg (414 meters) to the Hankehübel. Then it goes over the old quarry on the southern outskirts to the Kohlichtgraben and from there back to the starting point. Information boards answer the question: “What actually happens under my feet and what shaped the landscape?” At the end of the round you will know more about the Lusatian thrust, through which granite meets sandstone, or the volcanic origin of the mountains in the north. A hike full of fantastic views and deep insights into the world of geology.

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