Hiking tours

Elbe sandstone – hiking landscape for the soul

Hiking is immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature. The steady rhythm of the steps inspires and the fresh air gives you new energy. A breathtaking variety awaits the visitor in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Countless romantic paths and trails lead through the mystical landscape. Every view reveals an overwhelming panorama of rocks and forests, valleys and gorges, plains and expanses.

Waitzdorfer Aussicht

Hohnstein and its valleys

Opposites of wide views and deep gorges, steep climbs and relaxed forest paths meet in the Hohnstein valley area. From a relaxing walk to a demanding hike, everything is possible here. Hohnstein with its valley landscape is an excellent starting point for discovering the hiking world of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

The most beautiful hiking tours from Hohnstein

1. Bastei-Tour

Experience one of the top tours in Upper Saxon Switzerland. The hike starts from the Hohnstein town hall in the direction of Polenztal and first passes the remains of the wall of the old bear garden. After the descent over the Schindergraben, the ascent to the Hockstein takes place over the Wolfsschlucht. From there it goes over the knot path to the Amselsee and over the Schwedenlöchern to the Bastei. This is followed by the descent to the health resort Rathen. The way back to Hohnstein leads over the Füllhölzelweg back to the Polenztal and the ascent to Hohnstein over the Neuweg.

  • Blue line – Green line – Blue line – Red line
  • 6 hours
  • persistent and exhausting
  • Hocksteinschänke, Gasthaus zum Polenztal

2. Polenztal and Brand view

From the Hohnstein town hall, the tour leads past the remains of the wall of the old bear garden over the Schindergraben down into the Polenz valley. It continues downriver through the 80 meter high rock valley to the Waltersdorfer Mühle. From there the ascent takes place over the Schulzengrund and the Brandstrasse to the Brand view with its unique panoramic view. It then goes comfortably back to Hohnstein via Brandstrasse.

  • Blue line – red point – red line – blue line
  • 2,5 hours

  • short and moderately strenuous
  • Gasthaus zum Polenztal, Brandbaude

3. Waitzdorf view and Napoleonschanze

From the Hohnstein town hall it goes over the Halbenweg past the Gautschgrotte along the Malerweg to the Brand view. From there the descent takes place over the 800 Brand steps in the Tiefen Grund and over the Dorfgrund 650 steps up to Waitzdorf. A loop at the end of the village leads to the Waitzdorf view. Back in the village, it is worth making a detour to Waitzdorfer Höhe with its unique panoramic view. The way back goes below the Waitzdorfer Berg past the Galloway herd on the Holländerweg back down into the Tiefen Grund and up again on the opposite side. The hike leads over the Lupinenweg to Napoleonschanze and from there back to Hohnstein.

  • Green line – blue line – red line – without marking – yellow line – green line
  • 5,5 hours
  • persistent and exhausting
  • Brandbaude, Waitzdorfer Schänke

Maps with the permission of the GeoSN