Elbe sandstone on two wheels

The breathtaking landscape of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains promises unforgettable excursions by bike. Great emotions await kilometer after kilometer. Magical views and impressive nature reward the efforts. The nice thing about cycling: There is always the opportunity to take a short break, time to pause for a moment, to enjoy the moment and the peace.

Bike tours around Hohnstein

The varied terrain around Hohnstein offers a wide variety of challenges for cycling enthusiasts. Suitable tours of every level can be found here. The landscape is extensive to the north and east. A rugged profile determines the south and west. After an active day in the saddle, Hohnstein is the perfect place for a refreshing swim, a cool drink or a romantic dinner.

Radtour im Herbstwald

Tour suggestions

Hohnstein-Bastei circular tour

Hohnstein – Goßdorf – Kohlmühle – Rathen – Wehlen – Bastei – Hohnstein

There are some highlights to see on this tour. At the starting point in Hohnstein, it is worth visiting the castle directly on the market and taking a detour to see the Brand view. The first goal is Goßdorf with its impressive foresight. It continues steeply downhill towards Kohlmühle, whose disused linoleum factory exudes an unusual charm. From the valley the route leads up over the heights, where you can see the imposing Lilienstein, and back down to the health resort of Rathen. Then you cycle comfortably along the Elbe to Wehlen and from there uphill to Rathewalde. A stopover to visit the Bastei is worthwhile here. We continue to the Hohburkersdorfer Höhe, whose fantastic panoramic view makes you forget the hardships of the ascent. Now the goal of Hohnstein is not far anymore. After the descent from Zeschnig down into the Polenztal, the last ascent to the city follows.

  • Gelb

  • 40 km

  • 270 hm

  • 270 hm

  • bergig und anspruchsvoll

Hohnsteiner valley tour

Hohnstein – Polenztal – Sebnitztal – Schwarzbachtal – Lohsdorf – Hohnstein

The leisurely tour downhill into the Polenz Valley starts from Hohnstein. Danger! A pushing section follows between the “Gasthaus zum Polenztal” and the “Waltersdorfer Mühle”. In Porschdorf it then goes into the Sebnitztal. In the course of the route, the transition from sandstone to granite is impressive. After Kohlmühle, the route branches off into the Schwarzbachtal. Along the embankment of the former narrow-gauge railway, you pass an old tunnel and get to Lohsdorf. From there the only ascent of the tour follows in the direction of the destination Hohnstein. A detour to the Waitzdorfer Höhe and view is recommended.

  • Orange

  • 30 km

  • 270 hm

  • 270 hm

  • meist eben und entspannt


Hohnstein – Ehrenberg – Cunnersdorf – Hohnstein

The short tour with some climbs runs over bike paths and roads with little traffic. From Hohnstein it goes downhill into the Polenztal and from there upriver to Heeselicht. Further in the direction of Cunnersdorf, the Märzenbecherwiesen lie on the banks of the Polenz. On the way to Ehrenberg, the Hutberg awaits with its impressive panoramic view. From there it goes back to Hohnstein.

  • Grün

  • 25 km

  • 270 hm

  • 270 hm

  • wenige Steigungen und moderat


Ulbersdorf – Lohsdorf – Alte Glasstraße – Ehrenberg – Krumhermsdorf – Ulbersdorf

The tour leads into the hilly landscape towards the Lusatian hinterland and starts in Ulbersdorf. First it goes to Lohsdorf. The route to Ehrenberg runs along the “Alte Glasstraße” and from there to Krumhermsdorf. After the strenuous ascent in the village, there is a section with wide views all the way back to Ulbersdorf.

  • Violett

  • 15 km

  • 270 hm

  • 270 hm

  • hügelig und kurzweilig

Übersichtskarte zu den Radtouren

Maps with the permission of the GeoSN